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 Yak Academy offers Foreign Language Classes for Children ages 1-10.  Through a play-based curriculum, children are fully immersed in Spanish, Mandarin or French with fun games, songs, and crafts!  Our dynamic, native-speaking instructors inspire children to embrace language and have fun!  Being bilingual can increase children’s intellect and academic performance, and best of all, kids love it!  Studies show that early language learners score statistically higher on standardized college entrance exams than those who do not (Center for Applied Linguistics) and also show improvement in the verbal and non-verbal skills that enhance overall school performance (Brown University).  Yak Academy classes capitalize on a child’s window of opportunity for language, which research has shown to be from birth to about age 10!  At Yak Academy we feel confident that your child will be put on the path to understanding and speaking a second (or third, or fourth…) language. Ask for a Free Trial Class today!

Other class times and languages available based on interest.



350 Perry St.
Castle Rock, CO 80104

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M  10:00 am - 5pm

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F 10am - 2pm

Saturday 11:00-3:30pm


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