Our Family Enrichment Center is a new venture stemming from a desire to show new moms and dads all the possibilities available to enhance and enrich their parenting lifestyle. We all look for a community to help guide and mold us through transitions in life. There is so much information available to young families that it can be confusing, overwhelming, and exhausting. With the birth of our first child, the information was coming from everyone and everywhere. Being natural researchers we found that becoming a parent just enhanced the need to understand our choices – it became important to know the reasons for our actions.  Our deeper knowledge of what makes up our environment led to some stronger foundational beliefs for our family unit. We began to learn of simpler ways to run our household from making our own laundry detergent to cooking better whole foods. Things aren’t always quicker, cheaper, and easier but they can always feel smarter when we just pursue the understanding of why.  Now, we want to provide a place where other young families can come to learn and develop their own parenting style and understand why they make the wonderful choices that they do.

Vision & Mission Statement

Rock A My Baby is a community resource that specializes in natural gifts for parents and children. The gifts will come in many forms: friendships, information, products, but most of all community. Our number one goal is to provide a foundation to inform and invigorate parents who wish to establish a family community. We are the location where all families can come and find help to guide them through every process of early childhood.  RAMB provides a gathering place for all who seek similar beginnings. We want to build the connections that help every family achieve their desired outcome for parenthood. Many different philosophies to birth, children, and parenting will be presented without advocating for a particular view. Families will enjoy shopping the area’s best selection of baby carriers, nursing and feeding supplies, gentle bath and body products, modern cloth diapers, story books, toys, and more. Our products will maintain an undertone of natural wholesomeness, providing those special, one-of-a-kind, local, homemade items to make life simply the best. We look forward to focusing our toy lines from Colorado-based, and often manufactured, companies. The classes and support will provide a broad spectrum of information from experts and specialists in our community. Each and every product and educator in the store will be selected only after personal testing by the owner’s family or other natural parents within our community. Most of all, Rock A My Baby wants to provide parents with the best quality customer care and truly amazing products while never forgetting the personal touch that is so important in our community.


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