So… the thought of giving birth is rocking your world…

You’re not alone. Whether you envision a natural birth or wish to use pain medication, let our selection of Birth Preparation Classes be the information and confidence you crave as you prepare to bring your baby into the world.

We are excited to offer the following Birth Classes!!
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Birthing From Within
Bradley Method Birth

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Humble Beginnings Birth Services

These Birthing from Within classes blend practical information with emotional support. Pain coping practices, birth art, a special father/partner class, and learning to worry effectively will increase your confidence whether you envision a natural or medicated birth, a home or a hospital birth. Let Humble Beginnings be a refuge on your journey of preparation.

DSC_0158Meggan has been in birth work since 2005 and a Birthing From Within Mentor since 2008. She believes childbirth is a beautiful, joyous occasion, and it can also be unpredictable and uncertain. Her classes will teach you how to cope with unplanned surprises, realize the strength within yourself, and celebrate your new role as a parent.

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HBBSpink Email:  ma_dodge@msn.com  Phone: 303-807-9608

Bradley Childbirth Classes

The Bradley Method is one of the most experienced childbirth methods in the US boasting an 86% natural birth rate. We focus on natural unmedicated birth with emphasis on the partner being the mother’s “coach”. We believe in empowered and knowledgeable fathers, and fearless mothers. Couples learn how to be an informed consumer by discussing questions with your healthcare provider.

This 12-week series meets once a week and covers: breastfeeding, nutrition, exercise, remaining low-risk during pregnancy, birth plans, C-section, postpartum, emergency childbirth, labor rehearsal, videos, games, current medical articles, tearing prevention while pushing. Physical, emotional, and mental relaxation is practiced weekly.

Melissa Pool has had three natural births, with one being a large baby, and over three years of breastfeeding experience.  For more information, please visit www.birthfearless.weebly.com.

email: poolmelissa@gmail.com


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