Sleep Consultations

Nurturing Newborns, LLC

Nurturing Newborns, LLC, is passionate about supporting families.  Our trained, compassionate and experienced staff can offer a variety of services to meet the needs of families with infants.


  • $100 Home Consultation – 1 to 2 hour consult and includes 2 follow-up phone calls 
  • $70 at Rock a My Baby – 45 to 60 minute consult including 1 follow-up phone call


  • At Rock a My Baby on Thursdays 2-5pm
  • Our hours are flexible and based on the specific needs of each individual family
For the Parents:

  • Education and information as parents prepare for baby’s arrival
  • Nursery preparation
  • Competent care for your baby so parents can rest, including overnight care
  • Keep accurate logs of feeding, sleeping, and diapering
  • Light housekeeping 
  • Consultation services to discuss your baby’s sleep issues or infant fussiness and develop a plan that works for the whole family
  • Respite care for infants and children while parents recover from illness or trauma
  • Infant Care Education classes for Biological and Adoptive families
  • Positive, encouraging, non-judgmental support for parents

For the Infant:

  • Help in establishing a routine and schedule
  • Feed, bathe, hold and nurture infants
  • Launder all baby linens and clothing
  • Prepare and wash all feeding supplies


  • Competent over night care of infants so parents can rest

Consultation Services

Families may have specific questions about the care and development of their infant.  Susan Huebner has years of experience working with families with fussy babies, babies with sleep issues, and parents that need personalized support as they navigate life with their baby.  She knows and understands babies and she will take the time to get to know your baby and your family.  Together with parents, she will develop a plan that will help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety associated with caring for an infant.


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Saturday 11:00-3:30pm


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